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                           Registration information .

Academic Year 2014-2015

Registration: February 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014

Special note to prospective parents .

Dear prospective parents,
On behalf of our students, administrators, teachers and staff, I would like to thank you for considering The New Victorian School as the possible institution for the future academic studies of your child/children.

The New Victorian School has been in existence since 1991. It offers excellent programs in both English and French. Since 2003, all of the French students have successfully passed the Certificat/6me Ann�e Fondamentale. English students who have transferred to the American schools have successfully entered into regular academic programs as opposed to the special program for foreign students namely: English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

The success of TNVS students is due in part to an excellent and a rigorous curriculum; however, the instructors, administrators, and personnel are also highly experienced and competent. In addition, the school has wonderful parents that love and trust TNVS. So please come and join them, and participate in the continued growth and success of The New Victorian School.
The mission of The New Victorian School is to work collaboratively with parents in order to provide a well rounded academic, religious, social and cultural education in French and in English to all its students by creating an ideal environment for their physical, spiritual, social and psychological development. In The New Victorian School, we put the well-being and the success of our children first.
Since September 2011, The New Victorian School academic program has been divided into two (2) completely independent sections: The French section and the English section. The French Academic Program is composed of préscolaire, primaire and beginning September 2015, secondaire. It follows the Haiti Minister of Education's curriculum and part of the French curriculum from France. The students receive a report card at the end of the year with only the French subjects. They will be able to participate in the rhéto and philo exams and complete their etudes secondaires.
The American Academic Program is based on a high-level, Christian-oriented curriculum. It consists of pre-school, elementary school, and beginning September 2014, middle school and high school. The students receive a report card at the end of the year with only the English subjects. They will be able to participate in the SAT exams in 11th and 12th grade, and complete their high school studies.

Registration Procedures

1. All students from Kindergarten through 6th grade must successfully complete the entrance exam. Students entering 1st grade or higher must also submit their most recent report card.

2. The parent or guardian must Schedule an evaluation appointment, Students exam results will be reviewed by TNVS Administration. If necessary, an interview with the parent will be scheduled by TNVS. Results will be announced 24-48 hours following the student examination. If the student is approved by TNVS administration, a completed application form will be submitted in which Parent/Guardian must review and accept all rules and regulations of The New Victorian School.
3. A student's file will be considered complete only when all the following documents have been submitted:
Complete application form with all the applicable fees. (request by email or go to the school in person in order to obtain a copy of the list of fees pertaining to you.)
Photocopy of student's passport or birth certificate. The original document must be presented at the same time for verification purposes.
Photocopy of the student's health card and presentation of the original for verification purposes. All students must have up-to-date required vaccinations. (Such as: MMR, DTP and POLIO and or any other required vaccines depending on the age of the student).
4. In the case where a student resides with a relative in Haiti, the parent must submit a notarized statement indicating the name of the relative who assumes legal guardianship. Only students with a complete file will be permitted to attend classes.
5. Please note: all entrance or tuition fees are nonrefundable or transferable.

Age and class. L'âge et classe.

1. Pre-school: (1 to 5 years old.) Préscolaire: (1 a 5 ans.)
Super-pre-nursery: Super-plus petit:
Jan. 1st 2013/Dec. 2013. 1 Janv 2013/31 D�c. 2013.
Pre-nursory Plus petit:
Jan. 1st 2012/Dec 31st 2012. 1 Janv. 2012/31 D�c. 2012.
Nursory. Petit.
Jan. 1st 2011/Dec. 31st 2011 1 Janv. 2011/31 D�c. 2011.
Pre-kindergarten Pré-kindergarten
Jan. 1st 2010/Dec. 31st 2010 1 Janv. 2010/31 D�c. 2010.
kindergarten kindergarten
Jan. 1st 2009/Dec/ 31st 2009 1 Janv. 2010/31 D�c. 2010.
1st grade CP 1.
Jan. 1st 2008/Dec/ 31st 2008 1 Janv. 2008/31 D�c. 2009 .

Visual and Performing Arts,

The New Victorian School has a string orchestra where students learn violin, viola, cello, and double bass. As we have more musical instruments available, we will add the wind and the percussion section which will allow us to have a full symphony orchestra. TNVS also has classes in music theory and music appreciation as well as a children choir. In addition, TNVS also has a dance division where the students learn the various Spanish dances such as chachacha, rumba, salsa, as well as classical ballet and Haitian folkloric dance.
Afterschool Program & Computer,
In order to enhance the scholastic achievements of TNVS students, we have started an after school program which takes place from Monday to Thursday, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The purpose of this program is to provide homework assistance, bring greater clarification and understanding if need be of lessons presented to them in class, help them with test preparation, as well as supervise them while studying their daily lessons. For the 2014-2015 school year, this program will take place from October 6, 2014, till May 31, 2015. The students will obtain a small snack every day at 3:00 p.m.
Computer technology.
Beginning September 2014, TNVS will begin once again its technology division which was interrupted by the January 2010 earthquake when all the computers were destroyed. In this program, students from 5th grade and up will learn typing, Microsoft Windows 2010, MS Word 2010, MS Excel 2010, the use of the internet, and introduction to social media such as Facebook.