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        The New Victorian School Anthem.
       The New Victorian School anthem was composed in 1993.
       Text by Sherry Joseph, and Music by Romel Joseph

1. Let us all work together,
in The New Victorian School
The ideal school for children
where learning is the goal,
Our country may be small,
our country may be poor,
but we can do our very best
for we are proud.
We are here each day,
we are on our way
in the New Victorian School,
We will grow to be,
the best we can be,
in The New Victorian School.

2. As we all work together,
in The New Victorian School,
as we all learn the meaning,
that knowledge is the key,
the key to set us free,
a path to take us far,
for if we do our very best
we'll reach the stars.
Learning's glorious,
we are victorious,
in The New Victorian School,
our lives will be,
songs of victory
bless our New Victorian School.



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